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Hurricane Preparedness for Your Community Gates

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Community Gates

We recommend that the swing gates be manually opened and tied back for the storms with higher winds. The gate sides need to be strongly secured to keep them from swinging out into the roadway in the higher winds after the pressure is released.

If the property chooses to leave the gates active, know that in the event of a power loss the backup power source will have enough battery life to open the gates one time only. Once the power is restored (or the power flashes a second time) the gates may continue to stay locked open until the battery in the backup power source is fully charged again. The pressure will remain on the operators, which will hold the gates open even if the power is off. The operators are hydraulic, so a strong enough wind may still be able to move the gate some causing the seal to leak and the pressure to slowly be removed from the operators. If this happens, the gate leaf will be able to move in the winds.

Another alternative would be to lock the gates open on the programming schedule so that the pressure is still on the operators, but the gate sides can be securely tied back until the storm and winds pass.

If you have questions, or need assistance preparing your gate for potential severe weather, please complete the form below or you can contact us directly at 843-342-9899.

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