A “walk-In” refers to an intruder’s capability to get into your home or business by using the unlocked doors or windows. A walk-in could also occur from someone stealing or reproducing keys or learning your security codes. Did you realize that about half of the over 7,000 home intrusions daily in the U.S. are through unlocked doors or windows? That’s crazy! First rule o thumb?  ALWAYS keep your doors and windows locked and keep close tabs on your keys.

Recently, in Atlanta, four slayings in low-crime neighborhoods have left residents locking doors, turning on alarms and taking note of cars on their streets. The myth of ‘safe neighborhoods” is being destroyed.  The bad guys love safe neighborhoods. The illusions of residents that their area is safer than others, leaves doors, windows, and garages open. Some criminals enter the unlocked house while the homeowner is doing yard work…right under their unlocked noses.

Some other things that don’t have to keep you up at night:

-There are times secluded neighborhoods are less safe. If your closest neighbor is a mile or two away, chances are the police are further. Which is why a strong security system is necessary in addition to locking up.
-More secluded generally means less witnesses, bringing into play the importance of your camera system. Secluded homes need more, not less, home security.
-Be cautious when having parties or large gatherings, when predators see parked cars crowding around a house for an apparent event, they know that home security is not at the top of the priority list.
-Often times, attackers will try multiple houses with locked doors, before getting lucky on your unlocked home.
-Always keep all doors locked, windows guarded, and keys protected even while visiting a neighbor, working in the yard, and so on. Trust us, it’s worth the extra effort to take a key on a wristband or install a keyless touch-pad.
-Get all of your employees and family members in on the safety game. Utilize these strategies across the board…..don’t be that unlocked house or business the predator stumbles across.