Whether it is home automation, door access control, or closed circuit TV, integration can provide ease of use, time management, and a higher level of protection!  Integration of systems enables the interaction of one system upon another.  The possibilities are endless but here are a few examples.

  • Your access control system which allows entry of a building with a proximity card can also disarm the security system while the camera system takes the picture of the person gaining access.
  • Doors with access control can be unlocked when the fire alarm trips and cause the cameras to record video rather than pictures.
  • A panic or holdup button can summons the police while the camera system records the event.
  • A gate which is pushed open can cause an alarm, record the event, send an email notification or a video clip to the central station to dispatch the police.
  • Custom Security works closely with home automation companies such as Play Custom Home Technology to provide the latest in integration home control devices.  For example, turning on lights in the event of a fire or burglary alarm while playing a sound clip, turning the thermostate and lights down when the system is armed to away, and you may access all systems from one platform on your touch screen keypad or remote connect when you are away from home!

The possibilities are numerous and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.  Call for an appointment today!