What Your Kids Need to Know About Staying Safe

How to identify a stranger:
A stranger doesn’t have to look scary, mean or bad. A stranger can look normal, friendly, and nice. Kids need to know that to safe, they need to consider anyone they don’t know a stranger. Even if the stranger says “I know your mom”, does not mean that is true. Unless your child recognizes them, they are a stranger and should be careful.

It is also important for them to know that an adult should never ask a child for help-that is a red flag. If an adult does ask your child for help they need to go to the closest safe adult and tell them what happened. The National Crime Prevention Council recommends that you teach your kids “No, Go, Yell, Tell.”  That if they find themselves in a difficult situation, they should say no, run away, yell as loud as they can and tell a safe adult as soon as they can.

Let them also know that there are safe people they can go to for help, if needed.  People in uniform, teachers, school staff, store owners are safe to ask for help.

Other things parents can do to keep their kids safe:

Keep an eye on your kids and know there whereabouts at all times. Even responsible kids need adult supervision and your kids should always tell you before they go somewhere.

Have security cameras in your yard and outdoor spaces where your kids play and make sure it is pretty obvious to passers by that your property is being monitored.

Show them the difference between safe places and not so safe places. When you see unsafe situations point them out to your kids so they are aware of what danger signs they should be looking for.

Let children know that they have built in warning systems and should listen to them. Feeling uncomfortable or scared are warning signs and they should get away from whatever is making them feel that way as quickly as possible and seek out a safe adult.

Teach your kids it’s okay to say no, even to adults. There is nothing wrong with being assertive and removing yourself from a dangerous situation.

Discourage your child from ever going somewhere alone. The buddy system works for more than water safety and going somewhere with a group is even better.

Have alarms that chime anytime a door or window is opened in your house and teach your kids to cue into that sound and what to do if they are unsure which entrance has been opened.

We care about your family and your safety-please contact us if you would like us to inspect your home or property for ways it could be kept more safe.