Custom Security’s advanced alarm Cellular communications can help your signals get through whether you’re a mobile phone-only home or business, have VoIP digital phone service from your cable company or rely on a traditional landlines.

With many telephone services today switching to digital that put your alarm system’s communications at risk and burglars cutting phone, disabling communications, and homeowners disconnecting their land lines, an alternative path is much needed.

Cellular communications provides excellent protection and helps ensure that alarm signals get through to central stations. It’s the best way to stay protected…and connected!  Click here to learn more about our Total Connect Remote Control.

Our communicators use GSM radios and, in some cases, the internet as a backup, to offer
faster and flexible methods of alarm transmission.  This provides added reliability and security to help make sure signals are received. As cellular towers are added in Bluffton, Hilton Head, and Beaufort our coverage is maximized!

Not sure if cellular will work at your home?  Contact us today for a free evaluation and communications test!