7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Security System

“If I am not arming my security system, it is useless, and I don’t need to have one.”  Over 27% of all residential break ins occur when people are at home!  Intruders are much bolder that when I started in this business 40 plus years ago.  Back then the intruder was either drunk or delusional.  […]

Lightning Damage in Spite of Surge Protection

I have been asked the question numerous times how can there be lightning damage when surge protection was installed. The first and most common reason is that lightning did not take the path which we protected with search protection. Our security, fire, access control, close circuit TV or access control systems are hardwired with numerous [...]

Vista Automation Module Integrates Security, Door Locks, Thermostats and More!

Honeywell's Vista Automation Module (VAM) allows owners to control not only their security system, but door locks, thermostats, lamps, and other home automation devices from home and away!  The VAM's sleek design and user friendly interface makes it easy for users to set up scenes allowing convenience and comfort to your security needs.  For example: [...]

Security Systems Go Cellular

Custom Security’s advanced alarm Cellular communications can help your signals get through whether you’re a mobile phone-only home or business, have VoIP digital phone service from your cable company or rely on a traditional landlines. With many telephone services today switching to digital that put your alarm system’s communications at risk and burglars cutting phone, disabling [...]

Security from Your Smart Phone

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How to Choose the Right Outdoor CCTV Camera

Whether you are protecting your home or business, it can be difficult to sift though the massive collections of manufactures' cameras and specifications to choose the right camera for your application. While camera prices are dropping and improving, it is very important to install the right quality camera that will accomplish your goals. Here are [...]

North vs. South Home Security Systems

Many times I'm asked why we don't install a certain device on security systems in the south. Many newcomers to the Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head area are relocating from the north, retiring from cold weather or urban life. As one should expect, there are major differences between “back home” and the low country. It is [...]

Crime Statistics – Is Your Home or Business at Risk?

Many reporters say crime is on the decrease. But is your home or business really safe from burglary? The following F.B.I and other law enforcement agency statistics can provide some surprising answers. Residential properties accounted for over 73% of the burglaries 85% of all residential burglaries usually occur when the home is unoccupied and 65% [...]

Knowing the Mind of a Burglar

Knowing the mind of a burglar can help you protect your home or business. Below are great tips on how to think like a burglar and use this information to protect your family and assets. -The majority of burglars look for easy targets—a house or an apartment that they can easily break into, steal from, [...]

How to Reduce Your Risk of Becoming a Victim of Residential Crime

One of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of being targeted is to survey your property as if you were a burglar. With the information you learned about how burglars target homes in “Knowing the Mind of a Burglar,” you should now take the time to evaluate your home inside and out, both during [...]