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Greater Reliability. Cost Savings. Remote Control.

Most home security systems are monitored over landlines, and in some cases over the Internet. But now there’s a much better solution – Cellular Communications!

Why is cellular the preferred security monitoring solution? Here are some of the many major advantages.

Unmatched Reliability

With cellular communications, transmissions are made over a secure, “always on” wireless network. That means your security system is in continuous contact with the security monitoring center, even if:

Power is cut due to extreme weather or electrical outages.

You change telephone service providers.

A burglar or other intruder cuts your telephone line.

Many home burglar alarms and medical alert systems run on the copper network, so people need time to get replacements.

“You Still Use a Landline?” [The Chicago Tribune]

Cost Savings

Do you use your cell phone more than your landline phone? These days, chances are that’s the case. More and more people are freeing themselves of the often unnecessary cost of a landline and going exclusively with cellular. And because your security system can be monitored via cellular, there’s no need to keep a landline for that reason.

In fact, because so many people are ditching their landlines, it’s only a matter of time before old copper telephone lines are no longer used or maintained by the telephone companies. So there’s no better time to go fully cellular!

Remote Control

Switching to cellular communications opens up a whole new world of capabilities. Now you’ll be able to remotely manage your home’s security system and environment, any time and from anywhere.

Need to open the front door for your kids? Want to turn up the heat in your home before you get home from work so it’s perfectly comfortable when you arrive? Remotely monitor your property with “on demand” video while on vacation? All this and much more is available through cellular communications.

Total Connect 2.0

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