Water Sensor
Custom Security Specialists has saved more houses from water damage than burglar & fire combined.  Hot water heater and HVAC drainage pipes frequently clog due to the growth of algae, causing water damage.  Water sensors are placed on these drip pans to alert you when the water level is too high.

Temperature Monitor
Temperature monitors are more commonly used for homeowners who travel frequently and need to know when the temperature of the home reaches an abnormal state.  More than 3 days of summer heat or winter cold may cause damage to the home or its contents. Temperature monitors can also be used to monitor wine cellars, coolers, or freezers in both residential and commercial applications.

Humidity Alert
Humidity alert sensors provide protection from mold and mildew damage which often occurs when your air conditioning malfunctions.  For example, 85 degree indoor temperature for a period of three days will accelerate the growth of harmful mold and mildew.