Quick and simple tips to protect yourself and your property this holiday season

-Home or away, always leave a light on. Especially around doors, windows and the driveway.
-When out shopping, put your packages in your trunk and lock your car up tight.
-Make sure all of your home/apartment doors and windows have locks in good working order.  Don’t forget 2nd and third floor balcony doors!
-Invest in home security and all types of property/homeowners insurance.

Smartphones make having a complete inventory of any missing items easy-do it. So if you do get robbed, your claims just became easier.
-Install secondary locks on your windows and doors – pins, deadbolts, stick in the slider etc.
-Trim hedges, bushes and trees around doors and windows.
-Do not place gifts where they can be seen from the outside.

-Shop during daylight hours when possible and with a buddy, if possible.

-Be aware of your surroundings-who you are around and who is around you!

-Keep arms as free of packages as you can,  so you maintain good visibility and have freedom of movement.
-Park in a well lit area and try not to park next to a large vehicle if you have a small car.
-Do not leave children in your car or leave your car unattended while the engine is running…not even for a SECOND!
-Have your keys out before you get to your car.
-Shop with as little in your pockets or purse as possible-be aware of where your purse and wallet are at all times. Take only the credit cards and the amount of cash you will use for each shopping trip.
-Don’t drive without first locking your doors and closing your windows;
-Walk with a purpose-in the mall, to your car, to you front door. to your car with a purpose.
-If you are being followed, go to a populated public place and call the police. If you are being followed in your car-drive to a police or fire station.
-Do not trust anyone approaching you on foot-at the ATM, in the mall, in the parking lot, in your driveway-always be suspicious.

Be smart and be safe!