With economic downturn more and more fire alarm companies are competing to keep rates low by cutting corners on required NFPA Annual Inspections.

Here are the Requirements for your annual inspection:
Test & visual inspection of panel functionality, LED’s, fuses, etc…
Test panel battery charger
Battery discharge test
Test & visual inspection of:
-horns, strobes, chimes, & bells etc…
-smoke detectors
-heat detectors
-duct smoke detectors
-electromechanical releasing devices (door holders/release)
-sprinkler system flows and tampers
-voice evacuation system

Here are some things to look for from your Fire Alarm Provider:
– provide you with a copy of the NFPA Inspection form
– NFPA form filled out correctly with appropriate device counts
Note: “device count unknown” is not appropriate!
– log the inspection with proper paperwork at the fire alarm control panel
– make a noise, inspecting all the audible and visual appliances
– provide you with documentation that all zones tested at the central station
Note: this is a HUGE help as many fire alarm companies will only test one device. You should see a signal sent for every devices tested.
– test batteries
Note: it should be a very rare situation that you have a service call on a low battery. Batteries should be replaced during the inspection to avoid costs of an additional service call.