Custom Security is the only company that offers a guaranteed maintenance program on our gate installations.  The only way that this is possible is through our high standards in equipment and installations procedures.  We have installed and currently service over 80 gated communties in the area under this program.  Proven reliability backed with a fixed budget amount to cover parts and labor service 9am to 5pm.  POA’s and Property Management companies   prefer our responsiveness and the knowledge that they can call us, day or night and speak to someone who can help.

Prior to construction, the coordination between gate fabricators, electricians, property management, and developers allows for a seamless installation and a long term service history.  Custom Security has truly “Set the Standards” for design, quality and reliability in access control in our community.  We led the way introducing Click to Enter for emergency access to all vehicular gates.  Our best references comes from the property management companies and Fire Marshals in the area.

  • Community gates
  • Residential gates
  • Click2Enter & Knox Switch
  • Integration of Access Control, CCTV & Security System for the highest level of accountability.