Fire alarm inspections are required to be completed by the local Fire Marshal annually per the guidelines set by (NFPA) the National Fire Protection Agency. If the inspection is actually completed as per these requirements it is proven to reduce the annual maintenance cost. In 1999, Custom Security inspected for the first time over seventy fire alarms for PAI on Hilton Head Island. The list of faults in these systems was lengthy and at a substantial cost to PAI. Rob Moore, the manager at PAI a year later was quoted to say, It was the best money we spent that year, our Fire Alarm maintenance and false alarms are almost non existent. This has been our experience ever since. If the inspection is done correctly the results are very good. Some companies claim to be able to cut the inspection cost in half leaving the owners to wonder why their subsequent maintenance cost and false alarms had increased. I was taught early on, Be a matter, great or small, do it well or not at all. It has been paying off both for Custom Security and our customers, a Win Win.

Don’t Take Our Word for It… Ask Our Clients!

It has been my experience over one and a half decades that Custom Security has always met or exceeded my expectations. I have found that my properties have benefited from the relationship each has sustained with Custom Security; to reduce maintenance expenses and emergency call outs by applying regular inspections and routine maintenance. Small problems are caught early and corrected before major problems have the opportunity to arise. They have also always been there when I need them to provide innovative solutions to all of my fire/security/access control needs.

We appreciate our relationship with them and know that they will always get the job done.


Robert J. Moore, Administrator