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Do Guarded Communities Have Less Crime?

A lot of people believe that living inside a guarded community brings added benefits of protection and security. These communities are meant to keep crime out, but do gated communities actually have less crime like we believe? Is it actually safer for them to live there? The answer is yes, there is less crime rate.

Custom Security – Alleviating Headaches for Property Managers

Custom Security would like to take this time to thank our Property Managers for the jobs they do that may be under-appreciated by anyone who isn’t completely aware of the long hours and the amount of responsibility placed on the shoulders of these very patient professionals. Many times we have heard this comment from some

5 Top Problems with Community Gates and How to Avoid Them

Collision There are many precautions Custom Security uses to avoid an accidental collision with the gate by residents, but incidents still occur, so it is important that the community have a company who can respond quickly when this happens.  Custom Security is available 24/7.  We normally respond to a service call the same day or

Benefits of a Gated Community

With Census data showing that between 6-9 million US Residents live in gated communities, what are some of the benefits that drive folks to buy homes or rent apartments within the confines of gates, codes, monitoring, and cameras? 1) Perception of security and property values: Fenced and gated residential communities provide the perception of privacy,