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Why Are Commercial Fire Systems Inspected Annually?

Here are 7 reasons that you should not only have your system inspected, but inspected correctly: 1. Lives are at stake! Your fire alarm system will only operate properly if it is maintained as some impairments will not be obvious without testing! 2. To meet the requirements of your local building department, fire inspectors, and

How to Ensure Your Annual Fire Alarm Inspection is Done Correctly

With economic downturn more and more fire alarm companies are competing to keep rates low by cutting corners on required NFPA Annual Inspections. Here are the Requirements for your annual inspection: Test & visual inspection of panel functionality, LED's, fuses, etc… Test panel battery charger Battery discharge test Test & visual inspection of: -horns, strobes,

Custom Security – Alleviating Headaches for Property Managers

Custom Security would like to take this time to thank our Property Managers for the jobs they do that may be under-appreciated by anyone who isn’t completely aware of the long hours and the amount of responsibility placed on the shoulders of these very patient professionals. Many times we have heard this comment from some

Do You Have the Right Security System for the Size of Your Home?

A wireless device is merely a sensor like a door contact or motion detector that communicates wirelessly between the control panel and the sensor. Not to be confused with cellular communications that transmit signals between the control panel and our remote monitoring station. A wireless device takes very little time or experience to install, is

Customer Spotlight: The Greenery, Inc.

Custom Security has been working on 3 prewires for security and fire in Palmetto Bluff this week and we wanted to give a shout out to the Greenery for the amazing work they do in Palmetto Bluff.  The Greenery maintains all the common areas that make Palmetto Bluff one of the most beautiful places to

Annual Fire Alarm Inspection Readiness

With the time change, most folks also change out their smoke detector batteries-an excellent habit to have. This process also gives us time to think about if our business is prepared for an annual inspection by the fire department. These are performed to assess and lessen the likelihood of a potential fire or other life-safety

Christmas Tree & Home Fire Safety

(Facts courtesy of NFPA and FEMA's US Fire Administration): Fire departments responded to an average of 230 home fires caused by Christmas trees each year from 2007-2011. The result was a yearly average of six deaths, 22 injuries and $18.3 million in property damage, the NFPA reported. While Christmas trees and holiday lights are a

Spring Clean Your Alarm System

Temperatures are on the rise, and SPRING is here! Time to open up those windows and dust off those winter cobwebs. Many of you will be washing windows, mopping floors, cleaning your fridge, but what about your security system? Custom Security recommends that you test your system frequently to ensure continued protection and reliable service.