How to Choose the Right Outdoor CCTV Camera

Whether you are protecting your home or business, it can be difficult to sift though the massive collections of manufactures' cameras and specifications to choose the right camera for your application. While camera prices are dropping and improving, it is very important to install the right quality camera that will accomplish your goals. Here are

Knowing the Mind of a Burglar

Knowing the mind of a burglar can help you protect your home or business. Below are great tips on how to think like a burglar and use this information to protect your family and assets. -The majority of burglars look for easy targets—a house or an apartment that they can easily break into, steal from,

Custom Security – Alleviating Headaches for Property Managers

Custom Security would like to take this time to thank our Property Managers for the jobs they do that may be under-appreciated by anyone who isn’t completely aware of the long hours and the amount of responsibility placed on the shoulders of these very patient professionals. Many times we have heard this comment from some

Customer Spotlight: The Greenery, Inc.

Custom Security has been working on 3 prewires for security and fire in Palmetto Bluff this week and we wanted to give a shout out to the Greenery for the amazing work they do in Palmetto Bluff.  The Greenery maintains all the common areas that make Palmetto Bluff one of the most beautiful places to

Home Invasion Survival and Safety

A home invasion-it's everyone's worst nightmare and a difficult subject to discuss. Perpetrators in your space, threatening you and your family. What would you do? Are you, your family, and your home prepared as well as you could be? Prevention-It starts with protecting yourself before a potential invasion and here are some things you can

Stranger Danger Safety

What Your Kids Need to Know About Staying Safe How to identify a stranger: A stranger doesn't have to look scary, mean or bad. A stranger can look normal, friendly, and nice. Kids need to know that to safe, they need to consider anyone they don't know a stranger. Even if the stranger says "I

Cellular/Internet Monitoring of Your Alarm System

Why You Should Have Your System Monitored With the use of a Cellular device, Internet monitoring provides a backup to the cellular monitoring, increasing it's speed and effectiveness-the transmission is completed in seconds. Cellular and internet units also allow you the flexibility of additional services such as email notification, account history, openings and closings. If

Why Your Property Needs a Security Camera

You may think security cameras help catch the bad guy and may help deter crime, but we know the facts. Read the following facts about why your system is keeping your property safer than you think: 1)  Your system IS a break-in deterrent, especially for criminals who are local to your neighborhood. No one who

Walk-In Robberies Can Be Preventable

A "walk-In" refers to an intruder's capability to get into your home or business by using the unlocked doors or windows. A walk-in could also occur from someone stealing or reproducing keys or learning your security codes. Did you realize that about half of the over 7,000 home intrusions daily in the U.S. are through