With the time change, most folks also change out their smoke detector batteries-an excellent habit to have. This process also gives us time to think about if our business is prepared for an annual inspection by the fire department. These are performed to assess and lessen the likelihood of a potential fire or other life-safety hazards at our places of business. What can you do to prepare your system before the annual inspection?

The best way to ascertain if your system needs maintenance is to have it professionally tested. Inspection and maintenance by licensed technicians will also cut down on expenses by preventing emergency repairs and costly false alarms that hadn’t been included in your budget.

Here are some reasons you should regularly test and inspect your commercial fire alarm system, courtesy of the NFPA.

Don’t risk lives! Without testing, some issues may not be obvious. Like anything else, your fire alarm system will only operate properly if it is maintained and tested on a regular basis.

It is required! First of all, it’s the law: required by the National Fire Alarm Code! (NFPA 72). It also needs to meet the requirements of your building department, fire inspectors and insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier may reject your claim if you do not have proof of complete annual inspections.

Decrease Liability! Doing all you can do to prevent disaster by having your system inspected and maintained limits your liability for any potential injuries suffered by tenants, employees, residents, or guests to your business.

It keeps your Fire Department where they need to be! Systems that go off when they shouldn’t are a nuisance that waste Fire Department resources and this could putt the Fire Department away from real emergencies, putting lives in danger. The building owner could be charged if multiple nuisance alarms are impacting the resources of the jurisdiction.

Consider where you are and how prepared your system is-we’d love to take a look and get you on a regular schedule and bring about some peace of mind.